Ten Hides

From the Plain to Extraordinary

Ten Hides Distillery is a new, early stage, venture based in Wiltshire, alongside Salisbury Plain. Benefitting from local raw ingredients, including chalk-filtered water from the plain and premium barley, we are setting out to launch a distillery, and a brand, perfectly poised to make a unique and powerful contribution to the world of spirits, both in Wiltshire and beyond. Primarily looking to produce whiskey but also developing rum and gin. The name was inspired by a local village in rural Wiltshire, called Tinhead. A name, said to derive from the original ‘Ten Hides’, denoting an ancient measurement of land. A ‘hide’ once referred to a certain number of acres, but later also demonstrated how much produce was being gathered on a particular plot. With this in mind, ‘Ten Hides’ has a wonderful dual meaning – both highlighting the provenance of our Wiltshire distillery, and emphasising the all-important premium local produce that goes into every bottle.

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Ten Hides White

You are all in with Ten Hides! Ten Hides Black will be at the heart of the distillery, as well as having access to pre-release spirits…

Ten Hides Black

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