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Whisky is our core product but takes 3 years to mature from production. In the meantime we are producing some award winning Gin and Spiced Rum. We also have our founders club packages for people to get involved with the distillery from the beginning and be part of this exciting journey. There are a range of packages to make it accessible to all.

Ten Hides Pink Gin

Ten Hides Pink

Smooth and elegant, Ten Hides Pink blends our classic London Dry Gin with a hint of strawberry, creating fresh top notes…

Ten Hides Rum

This is a rum of pleasing complexity and depth: full of vanilla and caramel; wonderful and silky smooth in the mouth; warming with a…

Ten Hides Gin 70cl bottle image with World Gin Award label

Ten Hides Gin

Our award-winning gin is inspired by the rare flowers of Salisbury Plain and is the first recipe from Ten Hides…

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